My previous movie projects.

Produced, directed, edited and finished by me. Ranging from 1 to 93 minutes runtime.

I am actively looking for new and exciting projects! If you have that idea for a new documentary movie or want to pursue your passion project  I'll be there to cover it!
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What did I do so far?

I am a freelance filmmaker since 2017. After a few years producing music videos and editing documentaries for german television I shifted my focus towards outdoor movies. This allowed me to combine my passion for skiing, mountaineering and adventures with my professional work as a filmmaker.

In recent years I directed and produced four documentary movies, the most recent one being a 93-minute documentary feature film following seven friends on their 40-day journey crossing Svalbard on Skis. "End to End Svalbard" premiered in November 2023 in Munich in a full 400-person theatre and was released on major streaming platforms in May 2024 to the public. My previous movies were screened and awarded at numerous international film festivals and can be watched on YouTube.

"End to End Svalbard"

This movie is my first step into the professional documentary movie industry. Having a renowned international production company as a partner this film reached a huge audience during live-screenings with my attendance, followed by its distribution over major streaming services.

Being the writer, director, cinematographer, co-producer and responsible for the complete post-production including editing, sound mixing, coloring and delivery I was able to gain a huge amount of experience throughout the whole process of the movie. To have professional expertise in every field of the movie production process sets me apart from others and allows me to get an overview of the projects from beginning to end.

While shooting this movie I wasn't just a silent observer of the actin — I was in the middle of the action myself. During our crossing of Spitsbergen in 40 days on skis I did not have any advantage over the other six people who accompanied me; I had to face the same challenges, took the same effort, pulled just as much weight in my sled, if not more – everything while also getting a story and the shots needed to create an immersive movie. This allowed me to get as close as possible to the action and the emotions of this story. Over the next few years I see myself evolving in this specialized field of filmmaking – facing extreme conditions over long periods of time, always finding myself in the middle of the action while creating a compelling story into one final product.

The next 10 years

I want to grow in this challenging field of outdoor documentary movie production. The stories I want to tell can probably fill my calender for the next couple of years, and with every project I aim to raise the bar of creative storytelling once more.

Besides working behind the camera I aim to evolve as an athlete, improving and manifesting my skills in skiing, mountaineering and exploration. Being both filmmaker and athlete allows me to keep up with the people in front of my lens, without falling behind because of lacking fitness or too little knowledge of the environment – which can get extreme at times.

My bigger expedition goals include human powered voyages through Antarctica and Alaska, possibly a mountaineering project in South America – and when I am not far away I tell stories from my current home Chamonix and other places in the alps.

Another big factor for me is to convey a message of responsibility for our planet and awareness of the impact we humans have living on it. Human powered adventures will always have priority for me, as I am trying to explore our world with the least impact possible.

I am an autodidact. Almost everything I know I learned by myself  whether through Masterclasses, Youtube University or just by taking lots and lots of hours to dive into a topic and practice. I am very interested in every kind of new technology and I'm not afraid in learning new and interesting stuff.That being said, I have also completed professional film training.


This is my main focus, what I like the most. Being in the middle of the action, capturing beautiful footage of my favorite stories. My path has taken me from traditional cinematography over 360° filmmaking all the way to flying FPV drones.


I love to tell stories, and I love it even more when those stories come from deep inside my heart. Directing gives me the chance to weave my feelings into the movie and open the path to my emotions.


Probably the field of filmmaking with the most experience. Having edited thousands of on-screen minutes for television I gained a huge amount of skill, practice and knowledge on how to compile hours and hours of footage into one continuous story.

Sound Mixing

Sound Mixing is something that really excites me, and I believe that sound is the most important part of a movie experience. I am always thriving to immerse the viewer into my world; I mix everything myself, I mix everything in the immersive Dolby Atmos format, and I really enjoy this process!

Color Grading

It needs to be done. I'm not the best, but it certainly is enough for most jobs — and I enjoy the process of bringing those images to life.


I see photography more as a hobby than my profession. More than ten years ago I started shooting on analogue film stock with home developing, which I continue to do until today.

Everything I did so far.


Documentary Projects

END TO END SVALBARD — Documentary Feature, Director: Moritz Krause (Writer, Director, DoP, Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist, Co-Producer) | 93 minutes

MINUS 18 DEGREES — Documentary Short, Director: Moritz Krause (Writer, Producer, Director, DoP, Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist) | 16 minutes

SKI FONDUE — Documentary Short, Director: Moritz Krause (Writer, Producer, Director, DoP, Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist) | 8 minutes

PYRENEES WITHOUT PLASTIC — Documentary Short, Director: Moritz Krause (Writer, Producer, Director, DoP, Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist) | 53 minutes

TOURING WITH ADRIAN — Web Series, Director: Moritz Krause (Writer, Producer, Director, DoP, Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist) | 4 episodes, 7-9 minutes

HIRSCHHAUSEN – CORONA OHNE ENDE (ARD) — Documentary Feature, Director: Kristin Siebert (Editor) | 44 minutes

WOLFGANG RIHM – UEBER DIE LINIEN. GRENZGAENGER DES KLANGS (SWR) — Documentary Feature, Director: Victor Grandits (Editor) | 59 minutes

DER KOMPONIST WOLFGANG RIHM – DAS VERMAECHTNIS (SWR) — Documentary Feature, Director: Victor Grandits (Editor) | 59 minutes

MARTIN GRUBINGER – ZWISCHEN DEN WELTEN (ARD) — Documentary Feature, Director: Victor Grandits (Editor) | 50 minutes

OVER 60 PRODUCTIONS AND MORE THAN 1.000 ON-SCREEN MINUTES IN GERMAN AND AUSTRIAN TV — Bayerischer Rundfunk / ServusTV / Terra X / P.M. Wissen (Editor)

Fictional Projects

ILLUSIONEN — Short, Director: René Hassfurther (DoP, Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist) | 17 minutes

MÆRE — Short, Director: Lisa Reich, Josef Zeller (1st AC) | 30 minutes

AN ANNA — Short, Director: Denise Riedmayr (1st AC) | 22 minutes

LOCKPICKERS — Short, Director: Tony Leyva Puig (1st AC) | 17 minutes

AYSHA — Short, Director: Cengiz Akaygün (1st AC) | 13 minutes

Music Videos

BABY JA ICH WILL — Director: Lisa Jopt (DoP, Editor, Colorist)

HARRIIBOMBOKING FEAT. PAM&LIZZY – HBK — Director: Moritz Krause (Producer, Director, DoP, Editor, Colorist)

SAMT – FALL (LIVE SESSION) — Director: Moritz Krause (Producer, Director, DoP, Editor, Colorist)

SAMT – PERFORMER — Director: Moritz Krause (Producer, Director, DoP, Editor, Colorist)

SAMT – SHIVER — Director: Moritz Krause (Producer, Director, DoP, Editor, Colorist)

MOBIHEAT – DER MOBIHEAT RAP — Director: Tim-Maurice Mueller-Hahl (DoP, Editor, Colorist)

Commercials / Branded Content

ICEBREAKER/SMARTWOOL — Social Spots + Photography (DoP)


KITZLINGER HAUS — Imagefilm (DoP, Editor)

AWARDS (Selection)

BEST SKIING/SNOWSPORTS FILM (Minus 18 Degrees) — High Tatras Film & Video Festival

BEST FILM FINALIST (Minus 18 Degrees) — Alternative Film Festival

GOPRO AWARD WINNER (Skier + FPV Drone + 360° GoPro = EPICNESS) — GoPro Video Awards

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY INTERNATIONAL (Skier + FPV Drone + 360° GoPro = EPICNESS) — 300 Seconds Short Film Festival

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM (Skier + FPV Drone + 360° GoPro = EPICNESS) — High Tatras Film & Video Festival

BEST EXPERIMENTAL INTERNATIONAL (Skier + FPV Drone + 360° GoPro = EPICNESS) — Alternative Film Festival

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