What I'm interested in

  • adventure filmmaking
  • mountaineering
  • analogue photography
  • flying FPV drones
  • lots and lots of gadgets
  • Dolby Atmos, Binaural and everything in between

What I'm good at

  • cinematography, especially in difficult environments
  • editing hours and hours of footage into one compelling movie
  • creative storytelling

I specialize in adventure documentary filmmaking with a passion for long and unconventional trips. While creating movies I often find myself in the middle of the action, which is something I fully enjoy. This has shifted my focus from only editing – as I did in the past – to the movie creation as a whole.

Currently living in Chamonix in the heart of the french alps I enjoy being outdoors, following my passion for photography, filmmaking, mountaineering and skiing. My recent trip took me on a 40-day adventure through Spitsbergen, Svalbards main island. We crossed the island on skis from south to north, almost 700 kilometers. The 93-minute documentary movie is currently ready to be released, starting its festival tour across Europe and perhaps even further.

I am an autodidact. Almost everything I know I learned by myself  whether through Masterclasses, Youtube University or just by taking lots and lots of hours to dive into a topic and practice. I am very interested in every kind of new technology and I'm not afraid of learning new and interesting stuff that adds to my abilities as a filmmaker.That being said, I have also completed professional film training.


This is my main focus, what I like the most. Being in the middle of the action, capturing beautiful footage of my favorite stories. My path has taken me from traditional cinematography over 360° filmmaking all the way to flying FPV drones.


I love to tell stories, and I love it even more when those stories come from deep inside my heart. Directing gives me the chance to weave my feelings into the movie and open the path to my emotions.


Probably the field of filmmaking with the most experience. Having edited thousands of on-screen minutes for television I gained a huge amount of skill, practice and knowledge on how to compile hours and hours of footage into one continuous story.

Sound Mixing

Sound Mixing is something that really excites me, and I believe that sound is the most important part of a movie experience. I am always thriving to immerse the viewer into my world; I mix everything myself, I mix everything in the immersive Dolby Atmos format, and I really enjoy this process!

Color Grading

It needs to be done. I'm not the best, but it certainly is enough for most jobs.


I see photography more as a hobby than my profession. More than ten years ago I started shooting on analogue film stock with home developing, which I continue to do until today.

Let's create something great

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