About Me

I like skiing | mountaineering | filming | taking photographs | flying my FPV drones | gadgets | my girlfriend.

I don’t like wet snow | broken gadgets | office work on powder days | sharks (not the animal – skiers will know).

Currently based in Chamonix, France I am an award winning outdoor filmmaker and mountaineer. I love being in the field, capturing the beauty of this planet and the humans who live on it. Whether it’s up high in the mountains or on long distance trails, while skiing or in a tent camping at freezing temperatures – my camera is there. Always.

Besides the work behind the lens I am very interested in the fields of Editing, Sound Mixing and Color Grading, which is all done by me in my own projects. Recently I started to fly FPV Drones, both freestyle (for my own pleasure) and cinematic flying. This definetely has the potential to become my biggest film related passion. For FPV content head over to my instagram.

I invite you to enjoy the content on this page. In case of questions feel free to contact me anytime.